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November 10, 2008

The value of our affiliations

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Another letter for the BAIPA News [November 2008]

What is the value of an organization? For many BAIPA members it is our monthly meetings, our annual daylong workshop, the sharing of our experiences. It is very much about community, which I’ve written about before. But one other way an organizations is valuable is the other organizations it has relationships with.

BAIPA has some long-standing relationships that are worth talking about, again. And we are looking to develop more relationships that will benefit you, our members.

So, today, I’m going to talk about IBPA, WNBA, and SPAN. At the end of this article are the web addresses for these three organizations, where you can go to find out more about them, sign up for their newsletters or become members yourselves.

WNBA, Women’s National Book Association, is our most powerful sister organization. The speaker at our last meeting, Joan Gelfand, is their National President and Joan spoke to us about her winding journey through publishing. WNBA invites us to all their events and gives us the member discount to attend. The have meetings sporadically, but somehow members seem to network all the time anyway. They have developed a very strong local community and are connected nationally by their other regional chapters. They have a mix of traditionally published and independently published authors and they support literacy efforts in a big way. Several BAIPA members belong to WNBA and that membership is discounted because we are BAIPA l organization is based in New York, local chapter is based in San Francisco.

IBPA, Independent Book Publishers Association, is a very large, national organization, based in Southern California. Formerly called PMA, IBPA in my opinion has the best set of programs and services for small publishers like us. They have distribution programs, review submission programs, and marketing programs of varying size. They send email alerts when something happens in the industry or when someone is asking for submissions or information – which gives us a chance to participate early and not have to do all the legwork ourselves. Nationally known figures like Brian Jud are active participants in their email lists. And they have a long list of discounts for things that are relevant to publishers, such as distributor discounts, subscription discounts (i.e. 50% off Publishers Weekly), publishers liability insurance and health insurance. They offer educational resources like PMA University at BEA (Book Expo America) and Mini-U seminars with their affiliates, and online webinars as well. BAIPA is a regional affiliate (there are 28 more across the country) and IBPA has a wide variety of members nationally – from authors and publishers to book professionals to vendors. IBPA is based in Manhattan Beach, CA.

SPAN, Small Publishers Association of North America, focuses on advancing the interests and expertise of independent publishers and authors through educational opportunities and discounted services. Their benefits educate, save you money, and help you to gain access to book distribution channels. They divide these benefits into four main categories: 
Information and networking; 
Production, shipping, and distribution; 
Marketing; Lifestyle and business. SPAN’s newsletter is one of the best, containing many relevant articles and resources. They are based in Colorado Springs, CO.

BAIPA is just one node in the network, there are others. These three organizations bear looking at more closely – for local community, for resources, for programs that can help you be a more successful publisher. Let us know if you find these affiliate organizations helpful – or if you don’t. With your feedback, we can make our relationships better and make them work harder for you.

Check them out!


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