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May 17, 2007

The changing face of publishing

We all know publishing is changing. From Craig’s List to The Wall Street Journal to print on demand, technology has changed and is continuing to change how we publish books, magazines, content. How do we know what is going to last and what is a fad? How do we know when to invest and when to stand and watch? How do we know who knows what they are talking about?

These are hard questions. In times of change, there really are no experts. It’s a time of experimentation. A time of wild rides, mistakes, failures, and success. Every time I turn around someone else has something new and exciting for publishers to deal with. And yet, just yesterday, I sent off my book proposal to a publisher and they sent an email back asking me to send it along in hard copy because so much stuff got lost or buried in email — sound familiar?

Well, there’s a conference happening in San Jose in June all about this. The O’Reilly folks are putting on the TOC – Tools of Change for Publishing Conference June 18-20, in San Jose, California. Learn how publishers are transforming their editorial, marketing, and distribution processes while becoming more profitable and reaching new audiences. Learn more at: For small publisher discount (up to 40%, use code toc07smp and for the 25% discount for individuals and writers, use code toc07cbc.

TOC will spark creativity and conversation for leading change in this ever changing and increasingly technology driven industry. Let me know if you have questions. I’ll be blogging about this before, during and after the conference.

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  1. FYI – You can get free access to those articles through

    That was in PC World and I thought it was an excellent tip.

    Comment by Richard Jennings — May 18, 2007 @ 2:39 pm | Reply

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